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Our main products are: CPI, Ice Bear EMKARETW RL series, Bizel compressor refrigerating oil, Danfoss refrigerating oil, Fusheng compressor refrigerating oil, Hanzhong compressor refrigerating oil, Kaili refrigerating oil, American CPI solest series refrigerating oil, American CPI series refrigerating oil, Japanese sunshine refrigerating oil, Teling brand refrigerating oil series products. In addition, the company also operates its own brand, Exx, to customize chemical oil solutions for customers, one-stop solution to your oil problem. And in cooperation with these companies to form a long-term good strategic partnership. At the same time, it serves heat exchange, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; refrigeration equipment; compression and separation equipment; fan, exhaust equipment manufacturers and enterprises or other related industries.

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The company operates in good faith, quality first, customer first principle to provide customers with excellent service and high-quality products, products sold well in all regions of the country. The company respects the enterprise spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, hard work and responsibility" and creates a good business environment. With scientific management mode, cutting-edge technology, intimate service and excellent quality as the basis for survival, we always adhere to the user first. In terms of service, our company can answer questions and return contracts.

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Professional management, genuine spot, one-stop solution, is the purpose of the company since its inception. If you want to find a reliable, professional, sustainable and reliable supplier of refrigerated chemical products (refrigerated oil) with one-stop service,Please call us(Telephone0086-18918864638)!


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