Causes and hazards of discoloration of lubricating oil

Time:2017-10-24 12:00:00

Lubricating oil should be kept clean during storage and use. If it is contaminated, the performance of lubricating oil will be affected or even invalid. The color change of the lubricant should be checked for reasons, because the machine will be damaged due to problems with the lubricant.

1. Lubricating oil discolors under the sun: UV radiation discolors the lubricating oil and impairs the performance of the lubricating oil.

2. Oxidation of lubricating oil: When the lubricating oil contacts oxygen in the air, it will gradually be oxidized. With oxidation, the color of the lubricating oil will gradually become darker, for example, from pale yellow to dark red to brown, and finally black. Under normal circumstances, the color change caused by this reason should be gradual. If the color change suddenly occurs, the cause should be checked.

3. Mix other oils or liquids. Avoid mixing other oils or liquids in the lubricating oil. It may affect the color of the lubricating oil and affect the viscosity and performance of the lubricating oil. If other oils are mixed in, it is recommended to replace the oil.

4. Lubricating oil is contaminated by impurities: causing the oxidation of lubricating oil to accelerate and form sludge.

5. Lubricating oil: Lubricating oil is white, off-white or milky white.

6. Contaminated by used oil: The new oil is contaminated by undischarged waste oil and is prone to deterioration of new oil in advance. Before washing the oil, please wash off the old oil and remove impurities and sludge from the system.

7. High temperature: High temperature will accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil.

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