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1) Providing oil solutions for various types of refrigeration equipment

1. Lubrication scheme of environment-friendly refrigerant compressor;

SOLEST series refrigerating oil is specially designed for the initial plant installation of environmental protection air conditioning industry and environmental protection refrigeration equipment standards such as R134A, R404, R407, R507, R410A. In order to serve the OEM market, the CPI laboratory has studied various OEM compressor bench tests, and then provided a series of specially designed products. These products fully meet the needs of the system, and are non-toxic, and pass the United States 29CFR 1910.1200.

CPI provides improved performance far beyond traditional mineral oils in terms of viscosity index, flash point and ignition point, and pour point. SOLEST series products are specially formulated synthetic ester refrigerant oils, which can improve the lubrication characteristics of mineral oils at high or low temperatures, reduce volatilization, and contain anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation additives.

2. Industrial chain lubrication scheme;

Chain is one of the mechanical transmission components. Its working principle is to reduce friction with sprocket through hyperbolic arc chain, reduce energy loss in the process of power transmission, so as to obtain higher transmission efficiency. Because it can transmit power accurately, and has many excellent characteristics such as stable transmission, constant speed, strong adaptability, not affected by size and easy maintenance, it is widely used in all walks of life. Especially in today's highly automated production equipment, chains have become an indispensable part of mechanical transmission.

3. Lubrication scheme for food industry;

When food processing and pharmaceutical enterprises choose food-grade lubricating oil to be used in food processing equipment, they should first analyze the food processing, the possible contact degree of lubricating oil in medical equipment, the possibility of bacterial growth and the significance of hazards, find out the lubricating points with different uses and requirements, and use H1-grade food-grade lubricating oil at the lubricating points occasionally contacted with food. For those parts which need special environment and have special requirements but are not in contact with food, H2 or special-purpose lubricants can be used. Food-grade lubricants are mainly divided into lubricants and greases.

4. Lubrication scheme of air compressor;

CP-1542 series is specially designed and blended polyether/ester screw air compressor refrigerating oil. This formula provides better lubrication at high and low temperatures, reduces volatilization, has a high viscosity index, and has excellent corrosion protection. CP-1542 series is a long-life lubricant blended with antirust and antioxidant. Equivalent with Ingersolan Super Coolant, Shouli 32

5.refrigeratory compressor lubrication scheme;

CPI refrigeratory refrigerator compressor oil is used by the world's major refrigeratory refrigerator compressor manufacturers, such as Denver, Whirlpool, Panasonic Guangzhou, etc.

2) Supply of refrigeration oil of various brands and models

Our main products are: CPI, Ice Bear EMKARETW RL series, Bizel compressor refrigerating oil, Danfoss refrigerating oil, Fusheng compressor refrigerating oil, Hanzhong compressor refrigerating oil, Kaili refrigerating oil, American CPI solest series refrigerating oil, American CPI series refrigerating oil, Japanese sunshine refrigerating oil, Teling brand refrigerating oil series products. In addition, the company also operates its own brand, Exx, to customize chemical oil solutions for customers, one-stop solution to your oil problem. And in cooperation with these companies to form a long-term good strategic partnership. At the same time, it serves heat exchange, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; refrigeration equipment; compression and separation equipment; fan, exhaust equipment manufacturers and enterprises or other related industries.

The company operates in good faith, quality first, customer first principle to provide customers with excellent service and high-quality products, products sold well in all regions of the country. The company respects the enterprise spirit of "honesty, pragmatism, hard work and responsibility" and creates a good business environment. With scientific management mode, cutting-edge technology, intimate service and excellent quality as the basis for survival, we always adhere to the user first. In terms of service, our company can answer questions and return contracts.

Professional management, genuine spot, one-stop solution, is the purpose of the company since its inception. If you want to find a reliable, professional, sustainable and reliable supplier of refrigerated chemical products (refrigerated oil) with one-stop service,

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